We believe every room has a story to tell.

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Our Approach to Layered & Livable Interior Design

Jamie is a hands-on interior designer who approaches your project in four phases. Just as every home is unique, no project is alike so there will be customizations made in each phase. At Jamie Keskin Design, we are deeply devoted to your happiness and look forward to working with you. 



We explore you and your home by getting to know you. We listen and ask questions to learn more about you, how you live in your home and of your design goals. 


With this knowledge, we create a design that focuses on how you and your family live to bring out the best of your home. Included in the exploration phase are the discovery call, the in-home consultation and the design proposal. 


At the end of this phase, we will be on the same page with your project's goals, objectives and investment so that we can move on to the design phase of your project.

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This is when you start to see the vision come together.  We create a comprehensive design plan that reflects how you and your family live. We draw up space plans and furniture layouts, select fabrics & materials, source furniture and lighting.

We work closely with you and any architects or tradesmen involved in the project to ensure all needs are met. This phase includes a discovery, conceptual and final design development meeting to narrow down the aesthetic and design direction. 

Together, we finalize every last detail from the kitchen sink to the trim on the window treatment. We create visual design boards, draw up space plans and furniture layouts, source everything for your project from furniture and lighting to accessories, rugs , wallpaper, paint and fabrics and materials.

Procurement & Management


It's time for you to sit back and relax. In phase three, we place orders with our trusted vendors, track shipments, schedule deliveries and installs, and coordinate details with contractors. 


We will also be visiting job sites, creating purchase orders, approving cuttings and finish samples, and checking in with our suppliers, custom upholstery and drapery workrooms to make sure every detail of your project is running smoothly and on schedule.

We store all items in our warehouse to ensure they are received with no issues. If issues do arise, we handle them on your behalf. Our clients are pleased to leave this to us as it involves many detailed communications and tasks that we are happy to handle.

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​It all comes together when your items are delivered to your home. We provide white-glove service where rugs, fixtures, furnishings and lighting are placed and installed by professionals.


Jamie attends every installation to oversee the process and ensure your items are properly installed and handled with care. At this point, the vision we created is realized and your space is ready to be loved and lived-in.

New Build


Full Furnishings & Decor

Frequently asked questions

What is the current delivery time?

We are currently offering free 3-day shipping for all orders.

How much is the AATSS system?

The AATSS V1 system costs $2,699. The AATSS V2 Pro system costs $3,299. Additional options include a $300 display pedestal, table mount, glass wall mount, adjustable arm mount, turnstile mounting and our new adjustable height stand. You can find pictures on our product pages. You may place your purchase on our website through Paypal or credit card. If you are experiencing issues with credit card payments please reach out to our chat for payment assistance.

Is the AATSS FDA approved?

The AATSS is not FDA approved. However, the FDA's most recent guidance authorizes thermographic systems "for initial body temperature assessment for triage" regarding COVID-19. The AATSS also has either equivalent or better performance specifications when compared to IEC80601-2-59:2017 certified medical devices. Our device is also registered with the FDA as a Fever Detection Kit.

I am a distributor and I would like to get a sample to examine, what should I do?

We are actively looking to partner with distributors. Please give us a call at (866) 742-4797 and we will direct your call to the proper channels.

What discounts are available?

We provide quantity discounts starting from 50 units as well as special discounts to essential businesses, hospitals, schools and public institutions. Please contact us through our website chat, phone number, contact form or email for more information.

Is the AATSS accurate?

Yes, our system is extremely accurate to ± 0.5 °F, exceeding the FDA specifications of ± 0.9 °F required for thermographic devices. The accuracy of our sensors has been independently verified by many of our clients, big and small. Our system has also passed the rigorous SGS (Nationally Recognized Laboratory) Testing with official certification.

Can I pair the AATSS with other systems?

Yes. As an example, the AATSS V2 Pro can be connected to automated doors through a switch relay. Once the AATSS V2 Pro confirms a person's identity through facial recognition, it can send a switch signal to the door and automatically open the door. The AATSS V2 Pro can also be set up on a LAN network to connect to a centralized point such as a security/secretary desk for remote monitoring and high temperature alert notifications. The AATSS V2 Pro can be paired in series with a security badge reader to require multiple levels of authentication. ADP and Kronos integration coming soon!

What are the alert options for when the AATSS detects a fever?

The default configuration is to sound an alarm from the onboard speakers. The AATSS V1 provides text notifications as an option. The AATSS V2 Pro will allow for email notifications, text notifications, and a push notification to a security or secretary desk. The AATSS V2 Pro allows for customization of most parameters such as temperature alert thresholds, automated door access control settings, and facial recognition tolerance levels.

How difficult is it to set up?

Not difficult at all. As a fully automated system, no training or oversight is required. It is meant to be plug and play. For setup, you can plug the AATSS directly into a wall socket and it will be ready to scan after 30 seconds of boot up time. This is true for both the AATSS V1 and V2 Pro, the only difference is that the V2 has extra functionality if required. For integrated solutions, such as automated door integration, more setup will be required.

Warranty information?

The AATSS comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, extendable up to 3 years. Each additional year is $250. For units out of warranty, we provide repair services for a small fee. Full warranty information can be found here.

Can the AATSS be set up outdoors?

Yes. However, no direct sunlight should shine on the device or the face of the person being screened. We recommend a well shaded area for best performance. The AATSS V2 Pro has structural improvements that reduce sunlight interference for better outdoor performance. An IP65 rated V2 Pro has an optional visor attachment and is also waterproof.

What are the dimensions of the AATSS?

The AATSS V1 is 11.4 inches tall, 4.9 inches wide, and 1 inch thick without any mounting. The AATSS V2 Pro is 9 inches tall, 4.7 inches wide, and 1 inch thick without any mounting.

Software customization options?

We do not offer software customizations at this time for small orders. For now, the main goal of the company is to supply the immense demand in the US for temperature screening. For custom software integration, we provide a full array of open and free APIs available on the AATSS V2 Pro with webhook event streams, live feed RTSP, as well as FTP for data exporting.

What temperature counts as fever?

The system is set to alert at 99.5 °F by default. This is due to the fact that skin surface temperature is typically lower than body temperature by around 1 degree.

Can I send data collected to another device?

Yes, the AATSS V2 Pro allows for exporting logged data as .csv files. No photos are stored in the device unless the user turns on this function. A wide array of free and open APIs for custom software integration is available on the V2 Pro platform.

How is data handled?

The AATSS V2 Pro only stores data on the device itself, Richtech does not handle client data in any way. The V2 Pro is a LAN based system, so information can only be accessed by other systems on the LAN. The AATSS V2 Pro's database has field-level encryption and secure HTTPS transmissions.